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Here are some possible routes to get help with computers in the Department of Chemistry or SPRI:

  • Contact us by sending an email to - when doing so, please consider the following information:
    • Please send the email from your address where possible to prevent it from being blocked by the Spam filters
    • Briefly summarise the problem in the email's subject. If you are experiencing multiple problems, please submit these as separate requests, as some issues can be left out when combined with others
    • Please include relevant information detailing the issue you are experiencing, with screenshots of error messages where possible and the steps taken to reach the problem. If you have (or should have) access to additional files or programs, please let us know
    • Please specify the device you are experiencing the issue on, such as a "MacBook Air running MacOS Big Sur 11.4", and whether this is a personal or university-provided device
    • After submitting your request, you should reply to the automatic email received to keep track of the same problem, or quote the tracker number provided in that email. If you experience a new problem in the meantime, please submit a new request
  • You are very welcome to drop into the IT surgery to speak to a computer officer face to face: conducted via Microsoft Teams in the "IT" channel in the "CHEM_Department of Chemistry" Team, Mondays 2pm-4pm
  • Ask people in your research group, particularly your group computer representative, for advice
  • For more in-depth IT training, check out the University's free IT training courses
  • And if all else fails, a web search is often worth a try