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Configuring ChemNet - generic instructions

The information given here may help configure ChemNet on devices, operating systems and client software not listed in the main ChemNet documentation.

You will need your credentials (crsid and ChemNet token): you can get your token from if you know your Raven password and are registered in the department database.

Wireless network settings

This stage is omitted when configuring a wired ChemNet connection

  • The SSID (Network Name) is ChemNet (note that this is case-sensitive).
  • The wireless Network Authentication type is WPA2 Enterprise.
  • The Data Encryption method is AES.

User authentication settings

  • The EAP Authentication Type or Outer authentication Protocol is PEAP or PEAPv0.
  • The Authentication Method, Phase 2 authentication, Authentication Protocol or Inner Authentication Protocol is MS-CHAPv2.
  • The Username is your CRSID followed by '' - for example ''. (please note: not
  • The Password is your ChemNet Token, available from
  • The Outer identity, Anonymous identity or Roaming identity is '' (nothing in front of the '@' sign, and not You might not be asked for that, though.

Server authentication settings

These settings allow your computer to confirm that it is talking to the right network before giving your ChemNet token to it.

The CA certificate or Certificate Authority should be set to the AAA Certificate Services certificate. Note that the certificate might also be displayed as the filename Comodo_AAA_Services_root.pem; the details of the certificate are

  • Subject: C = GB, ST = Greater Manchester, L = Salford, O = Comodo CA Limited, CN = AAA Certificate Services
  • SHA1 Thumbprint: D1:EB:23:A4:6D:17:D6:8F:D9:25:64:C2:F1:F1:60:17:64:D8:E3:49
  • SHA256 Thumbprint: D7:A7:A0:FB:5D:7E:27:31:D7:71:E9:48:4E:BC:DE:F7:1D:5F:0C:3E:0A:29:48:78:2B:C8:3E:E0:EA:69:9E:F4
  • Valid from: Jan  1 00:00:00 2004 GMT
  • Valid to: Dec 31 23:59:59 2028 GMT

System status 

System monitoring page

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