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The managed Windows service provides a standardized Windows installation which the Computer Officers can install onto hardware owned by research groups. A set of commonly used applications is provided and others can be added on request. The Computer Officers handle maintenance such as account management and installing security patches. We also provide tools to automatically manage deploying and installing software to Managed Windows computers - over a hundred software packages are available, and we welcome requests to create new packages. This means that software can be automatically installed in a correctly-configured manner, and also means we can easily reinstall the software in the event that your computer develops a problem requiring reinstallation of the operating system,

Before we can install Windows on your computer, we will need to verify that you have a valid license for the computer. Often, a Windows license will have been bought with a computer - you can check this by looking for a license sticker on the computer case. Otherwise, the UIS Software Distribution can provide free upgrade licenses for Windows. Please note that these can only be used to upgrade an existing older version of Windows; if you have no Windows license at all, you will need to purchase one from an external source.

Is my computer managed?

If you log on to the computer using your Admitto password, then it is managed by the Computer Officers.

Which Windows versions are supported?

Windows 10

Windows 10 is the Department's recommended version of Windows for new managed desktop machines.

Windows 8

We are able to deploy and manage Windows 8 on managed desktops, but in general we do not recommend installing it.

Windows 7

Windows 7 is supported on managed desktops.

Windows XP

Windows XP is not receiving security updates from Microsoft. We thus can no longer support Windows XP. However, special arrangements are in place for legacy Windows XP computers that are still required, for example because they control experimental equipment.