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Decomissioning of the Chemistry email archive service

Please note: this service will be decomissioned on Friday 16th April 2021. Users should ensure that they have migrated any emails that are stored on the archive server and that they wish to keep to another location by then. We recommend that users switch their University email account from Hermes to Exchange Online if they have not already done so. The quota available on Exchange Online is 150GB, which is significantly greater than the space on the email archive service

Legacy information

We offer an email archiving service to academic and support staff in the department. This provides a way to safely store and access large quantities of old email that do not fit in the quota provided by the main University email system.

The archiving system only provides email storage. It does not provide an alternative email address (for that, see Chemistry Mail Domain) or a way to send outgoing email. It uses the standard IMAP protocol so can be set up in most email programs as an extra set of mail folders, allowing dragging and dropping of emails between the archive and your main email accounts.

To get an account on the archive system please email . The initial quota on the archive system is 10GB but this can be increased if needed.

To access the archive via IMAP point your client at

  • Server type: IMAP
  • Username: your CRSID
  • Password: your Admitto password
  • Server name:
  • Security settings: SSL/TLS with "normal password"
  • Port: 993 (should be the default for SSL/TLS)


System status 

System monitoring page

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