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Department of Chemistry Services

People working in the Department of Chemistry will normally have user accounts on various Chemistry systems. The vast majority of these user accounts will use the Admitto service for usernames and passwords. Different Admitto accounts have access to different computers, for example a research group may restrict access to its workstations to Admitto accounts belonging to members of the group.

Group computer representatives can manage much of this access using the delegated management system.

ChemNet tokens

Members of the Department also have a ChemNet token, which is used for connecting to some parts of the Department network (for example, the ChemNet wireless network and our OpenVPN service). Further information about using your ChemNet token is available here.

University of Cambridge Services

All members of the University will normally have access to a range of services provided by the University Information Service (UIS): the services that are of interest to most people are Exchange Online (email), Raven (authenticating to webpages) and the Managed Cluster Service (communal computers such as those in the Department Library, the CyberCafe, and some Department teaching rooms). If you do not have a UIS account, please see our instructions on applying for computer passwords.

System status 

System monitoring page

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