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Items in our system monitoring system are divided into tiers according to their importance. Things in tiers 1, 2, and 3 are configured to automatically inform the IT staff if problems develop.

Tier 1

These services are required for most people in the department to do their jobs so the Computer Officers give these first priority when it comes to repair. For example the things in tier one provide:

Tier 2

These services are required for a substantial number of people to do their jobs. For example the things in tier two provide:

Tier 3

These services are nice to have, but are not required for most people to do their jobs. 3rd priority is given to mending these services. For example the things in tier three include:

  • Web applications belonging to particular research groups

Tier 4 and 5

These services are used only by the IT staff or are strongly deprecated. They have the lowest priority for fixing.


System status 

System monitoring page

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