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The purpose of this policy is to define a standard approach to granting access to external phone numbers from telephones within the Department of Chemistry.


Historically, access to make external calls has been limited to Academic, Academic related staff and other staff who have an identifiable need. Over time, the cost of making certain external calls has significantly reduced in real terms. Therefore a new policy with more liberal approach can now be adopted.


External access for any phone will be granted to the level requested (local, national, international) provide a bona fide reason is given and supported by the Principal Investigator (PI) for the group or Head of Department (HOD) or Support Services Manager (SSM) as appropriate.

Telephone usage will be tracked including expense and destination. If heavy use is made, or destinations called that cannot be justified, then a cross charge for the calls will be made to the PI's cost centre.

Use of premium phone lines including 09 numbers is forbidden. Any such usage is likely to result in a cross charge being made to the PI's cost centre.

Use of calls to mobile numbers is discouraged especially where there is a land alternative to call, as calls to mobile phones typically attract a premium tariff.

Calls to 087 numbers are discouraged as they attract higher tariffs than National call rates.

Persistent abuse or refusal to accept cross charges will result in the removal of all external access for all phone lines associated with the PI.

Request for access

All requests for elevation in phone access should be directed to the IT Manager from a PI, HOD or SSM stating the name, location number and justification. These requests must be made by email to

System status 

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