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Collecting your token

To connect to ChemNet you will need your ChemNet credentials (crsid and ChemNet token). You can get your token from if you know your Raven password and are registered in the department database. 

Connecting to ChemNet

This setup was using IOS 8.3

  • From the homescreen select Settings | Wifi
  • Select ChemNet


  • You will now need to log in with your ChemNet credentials. 
    The Username is your CRSID followed by '' - for example ''. (please note: not
    The Password is your ChemNet Token, available from (see instructions at the top of this page).
  • When the certificate appears, trust the certificate.  (ChemNet appears untrusted)
  • Click Trust. 

Trusting certificate

Your credentials password will be accepted and your device will connect to ChemNet.