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As of 12th April 2013, there is a bug in ChromeOS which prevents the VPN from being set up using the ChromeOS GUI. This is being worked on by Google's engineers. Until they fix it, we can use an Open Network Configuration (ONC) file.

  • Download the zipped ONC file for Chemistry's VPN.
  • Open the 'files' app from the launcher.Opening the file app
  • Select '' and open it by clicking its nameOpening the zipped config fileExtracting the config file
  • Open a Chrome window and nagivate to chrome://net-internals/#chromeos by entering it in the Omnibox (URL bar)Open the network configuration page
  • In the Import ONC file section, click the Choose file button
  • Select '' from the bar on the left and then choose 'chem.onc' from the panel on the right. Click 'Open' to import it. You should see the message 'ONC file successfully parsed'.Opening the ONC fileSuccessfully parsed message
  • Make sure you are connected from the wifi network you want to use. Click on the wifi icon in the bottom right and then click 'VPN disconnected' and choose 'Chemistry'Bring up the list of VPN connectionsSelect the Chemistry VPN
  • Enter your CRSID (i.e. what precedes in your email address) as your username and your admitto password. Tick the 'Save identity and password' box if you would like your password to be stored on your device. Leave the OTP box empty.Enter your credentials
  • Click 'connect'. If the VPN is successfully connected, you should see the flashing bar under the wifi symbol stop flashing and remain solid.Successful connection
  • Visit to test your VPN connection was successful.

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