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Scripts we have written to make our lives easier and which might be useful to others.

  • DCP - a file copying utility using dsh.
  • Backup debian/ubuntu machines with debi-backup.
  • Adjustments to NCAD to run using dropbear ssh server.
  • Hotwire - a web-based generic front-end to Postgres databases
  • A patch to tftp-hpa to permit CGI-like TFTP access.
  • Hobbit/Xymon/Big Brother scripts.
    • Reject RT tickets if they've already gone green.
    • DRBD - to check the status of DRBD devices.
    • Exim4 - to check the destination of email using Exim
    • - a python hobbit class (similar to in perl)
    • raid - to check the status of 3ware and Adaptec raid arrays
  • A web frontend to faimond
  • Notes, configuration and scripts for our Lapwing infrastructure. (Raven authentication required.)
  • A perl-based BSDP daemon - to netboot OS X machines without an OS X Server on the network

System status 

System monitoring page

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