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The Department has its own mail domain. This domain provides aliases only. In other words, we can set up addresses which end in and which deliver to some existing mailbox such as an Exchange Online account. An example alias address is the IT helpdesk address . Using an alias address means it is easy to change where emails are delivered to without having to change the published address. An alias address can also often be chosen to be something easier to remember than the target email address. It is possible for an alias to deliver to more than one address.

If you would like an email alias setting up for a project, role, or group in the department please contact telling us what you would like the alias to be and giving the list of email addresses it should forward to. Requests for changes to an alias should also be sent to

We automatically set up aliases for all individuals who are currently registered in the department. These are of the form and forward to whatever email address the Chemistry Admin Database holds for the individual. There is no need to make any use of this alias if you don't want to, and the computer office does not advertise them anywhere. However they can be useful for registering with services where an email address would not work for some reason. If you do not want the alias you can suppress it by visiting the database self service page and setting "Opt out of chemistry mail domain" to "Yes". This can take up to two hours to take effect.

The Chemistry mail domain is provided by the UIS Managed Mail Domain service.

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