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The Cambridge Structural Database is the world repository of small molecule organic and metal-organic crystal structures. The Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) is the central focus of the CSDSystem, which also comprises software for database access, structure visualisation and data analysis, and structural knowledge bases derived from the CSD.


All existing academic users of the CSD-System also have access to all other CCDC software with the CSD-Enterprise suite.

WebCSD can be accessed by going to:

The standalone CSDSystem applications can easily be added to managed Windows computers within this Department via WPKG, and can also be accessed on the Managed Cluster Service computers throughout the University & in Colleges.


Instructions for users: 

For managed Windows computers

Users of managed workstations in the Department of Chemistry have the option of installing the CSDSystem through WPKG.

For unmanaged computers

  • Read the Release and Installation notes here. Pay particular attention to the Supported Platforms notes.
  • Before installation can commence you will be asked for an Activation key. Click this link for the required information.
  • Choose Registration during the installation (the default).

CSD-CrossMiner is now included in the main CSD System installer. The installer files for download are around 10Gb in size. MD5 checksums for the download files are given on this page.

Current downloads are for 2022.1 full release


  • Download the compressed installer .zip file from here then choose "Extract All..." to unpack the file to another directory.
  • Navigate to the directory in which you extracted the .zip file, right-click on "csds-windows" then choose "Run as administrator".
  • The wizard will then guide you through the installation steps.


  • Download the installer from here and move it to a convenient location e.g. the Desktop.
  • Open the .dmg file to show the package installer icon.
  • Double-click the installer file "csds-osx".


  • Download the .tar file from here and extract it.
  • Find, the file "" and make it executable with the command "chmod a+x"
  • Run the installer with the command "./".
  • Click through, accepting the defaults, or modifying to your needs.

For managed Linux computers

Following consultations with Group Computer Representatives toward the end of 2018 we will not distribute the CSD System to managed Linux computers for the 2020 release.

Please refer to the CCDC documentation page for IsoStar Client and contact CCDC Support if you believe you need access to the IsoStar Server software, for which a server installer is available for in-house use, but CCDC would recommend you use their public IsoStar Server.

CSD-System Data & Software Updates

If you have installed the CSD-System yourself on an unmanaged computer following our notes above (i.e. you do not run the software on a Windows desktop where it was installed by WPKG) you can download interim software and data updates during the annual release cycle (approximately every 3 months) from to keep CSD System software and your copy of the CSD database more current between each major release.


Licence Details: 

This is proprietary software. The Department has a site licence.


Extensive HTML and PDF documentation is available, including tutorials and worked examples. The CCDC Support pages have been thoroughly remodelled and include a knowledgebase derived from product questions & answers.

System status 

System monitoring page

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