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The Computer Officers have a recommended set of technologies for use on the local network. We have plenty of experience in using these and they are known to work on the local network. Any system that is secure and obeys the local network rules may be used however the Computer Officers may not be able to provide support for solutions that are not recommended.  If you wish to to introduce or use a new/different technology and are unsure about its support you are advised to contact the Computer Officers first.


Every supported technology has a status and in a few instances a date when it will become obsolete.  The definitions of each status are:

N - New, this technology may have bugs and should be only be used if its new features are required or for technology investigation / familiarisation purposes.

R - Recommend technology to use in production.

M - Mature, this is supported but new systems should not be deployed on this platform.

EOL - End of life, use of this system should be actively migrated to a supported technology.

O - Obsolete technology must not be used except under special circumstances and with the agreement with the Computer Officers.  If use of this technology represents a material security threat then its functionality may be limited or blocked.

System status 

System monitoring page

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