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The Surface Science group have some disks in the hosted disk service providing 20TB of unbackedup space. 

Access via ssh

ssh to or

with your Admitto credentials. On diskhost-e you will find yourself in your personal directory. You can find the lab directories under


You will only be able to access lab directories you have been given access to. On diskhost-g go to

/zfs/sjj24/werewolf-DATA  or

Access via SMB/Windows file sharing

Browse to one of the following shares on

  • sjj24-homes (personal directory)
  • sjj24-dft
  • sjj24-leed
  • sjj24-stm
  • sjj24-rairs
  • sjj24-scac
  • sjj24-smb
  • sjj24-dak

You will only be able to connect to shares you've been given access to. On diskhost-g use

  • werewolf-DATA
  • werewolf-home

System status 

System monitoring page

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