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The nethome share (or possibly a subdirectory named after your CRSID within it) is only accessible by you, and should be used for any files you do not want to be generally accessible by others.

The screenshots below are for Windows 7, but the instructions are essentially unchanged if you are using a different version of Windows.

Because this is a "home" share, users of Departmentally-managed Windows computers possibly have this shared automatically mapped as a network drive, often (but not always) drive Z:

If so, you will see an entry like the following:

If the share is not automatically mapped, either because the mapping has not been set up or you are using a personally-owned computer, open a "Computer" window:

and then type \\\nethome into the address bar:

If prompted for a username and password, type AD\spqr1 (substituting your CRSID in place of spqr1) and your Admitto password

Mapping a network drive

To avoid following these instructions every time you connect, you can map the share as a network drive. To do so, open a "Computer" window as above, and then type \\\nethome into the address bar and hit enter:

Then right-click on the folder that you wish to map, and select the "Map network drive.." option:

In the dialog box that apppears, choose a drive letter of your choice that is not currently in use, and then click the "Finish" button.

These instructions describe how to connect if you are using one of the department's managed linux workstations. Similar instructions will apply for users of different linux installations.

  • Open the Nautilus file explorer, for example by clicking on the "Home folder" icon at the left of the screen as shown below.

  • From the "File" menu, select the "Connect to Server..." option.

  • In the "Server Details" section, fill in the following as illustrated in the screenshot below:
    • Server: (N.B. this will have been truncated in the screenshot)
    • Type: Windows share
    • Share: nethome
    • Domain name: AD
    • User name: your CRSID
    • Password: your Chemistry Dept Admitto password

Alternatively, you can open a file browser (e.g. Nautilus) and type smb:// into the address bar.

In Finder, choose "Connect to Server..." from the "Go" menu. You can alternatively press ⌘ + K

Enter smb:// into the "Server Address" box. You may want to click the "+" button next to the address to add the share to your Favorite Servers list. Then click the Connect button.

If prompted for a username and password, type AD\spqr1 (substituting your CRSID in place of spqr1) and your Admitto password.

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