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Getting access

All members of the Vendruscolo group should have access granted automatically. 

SSH access

The server is accessible via SSH as well as the more standard SMB. To use the ssh access, please first connect to the server via SMB in order to ensure your personal directory has been set up. After that you should be able to ssh to . 

When accessing the server via ssh the path to the projects share is /data/group/vendruscolo/general/shares/projects and to your personal shares is /data/group/vendruscolo/general/people/crsid/home .


A useful way to access the fileserver from Linux clusters or workstations is via sshfs. This makes the fileserver appear to be mounted on the cluster. For example, say you are on the cluster marcopolo and your username is spqr1:

$ mkdir /sharedscratch/spqr1/fileserver

$ sshfs /sharedscratch/spqr1/fileserver

$ ls -la /sharedscratch/spqr1/fileserver

.  ..  .bash_history  .ssh  .Trash-1000

# do whatever else you want to do and then disconnect the fileserver like this

$ fusermount -u /sharedscratch/spqr1/fileserver

If you use sshfs, please be sure to use a scratch location for conmnecting the fileserver. If you put it in your home directory, the backup system will attempt to back it up and the cluster's backups will fail. 

System status 

System monitoring page

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