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Ubuntu 12.04 image software

This is the definitive list of packages available on the Ubuntu 12.04 standard image. We will make sure all of these are installed. Unless they are specially marked they are 'supported software' which means that they get a high priority for fixing, where possible we test they they work before rolling out the image, and we may do local configuration to make them easier to use. Everything else you may find on the image is unsupported. We will try to fix problems with it where we can, but the amount of time we can spend on it is limited and the priority for fixing may be low. If you want to add a package to the supported list please ask.

There are some packages we support but intend to drop support for in future, perhaps because there is a better alternative. Those are marked as deprecated.

Links in this list usually point to pages which include information about how the apps were configured locally. Some have information on how to use the app too, others don't.




  • Unity
  • KDE (unsupported)
  • fvwm (unsupported)


  • emacs
  • nedit
  • pico
  • vim
  • xemacs21
  • gedit


  • balsa (unsupported)
  • Alpine (replaces Pine)
  • Thunderbird


  • Microsoft core fonts
  • terminus-font


  • dia
  • the GIMP
  • Inkspace
  • netpbm (Collection of image manipulation tools)
  • tgif
  • xfig



  • TeX and LaTeX (TeXlive)
  • TeXmaker



Maths Libraries

MPI Libraries

  • OpenMPI 1.4.5 for GNU, Intel and PGI compilers
  • MPICh3 1.4.1 for GNU compilers


  • Banshee (music player)
  • Brasero (CD and DVD burner)
  • ffmpeg (converter)
  • Mplayer/mencoder (Movie player/encoder)
  • Rhythmbox (music player)
  • Totem (Movie player)
  • xmms2 (music player)
  • gxmms2 (GNOME front-end for xmms2)



  • LibreOffice 3


  • Modules (Tcl implementation, version 1.44)
  • tellico 2.3.4 (collection management program, usage notes)
  • Remmina remote desktop client 1.0.0 (replaces rdesktop and VNC clients)
  • tightvnc
  • pdftk
  • pidgin (aka gaim)
  • bzr



  • bash
  • tcsh (deprecated, use bash)
  • ksh (deprecated, use bash)


  • xwrits (Typing interruption software for RSI sufferers)
  • xxdiff (Graphical diff utility)
  • maven2 (Software build tool)
  • meld (three-way graphical diff)

Version Control



Web browsers

  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • lynx
  • Opera (unsupported)
  • w3m

Restricted Access

Restricted access means that a licence is needed in order to use the software. Usually if you have a licence we can then make the software available. Some of these licences cost money, others require no money but you must sign an agreement before using the software. More details are available by clicking on the link for the package.

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