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Version control system and tools

Instructions for users: 

On Linux it is on the PATH, so just type 'git'. The main version control software in use in the sector is svn, so you might want to check that out too.

On Windows this can easily be installed via WPKG.

If you want to set up a central git repository to be shared between a group of developers see our page on version control.

Licence Details: 

Manpages- on Linux try 'man 1 git' or 'man 7 gittutorial'. There's a page of notes on the Theory sector wiki.

Admin notes: 

This used to be something we built ourselves, but the versions in SuSE 11.1 and Ubuntu 9.10 are new enough to do. Here's a simple test that it's working:

 git clone git:// 

System status 

System monitoring page

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