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PDF reader


All managed Linux workstations up to 18.04 bionic

Instructions for users: 

This module should be pre-loaded on bionic. Just type FoxitReader. If you want to make your web browser use it for PDF files you need to change the settings on the browser. For Firefox go to Edit, Preferences, Applications and look for 'Portable Document Format'. Set the program to use to be /usr/local/shared/foxit/current/FoxitReader.

Licence Details: ie we are allowed to redistribute it to our desktops.

GPL v2 (old versions only?)


There's an internal help menu but it doesn't work on the 64-bit machines.

Admin notes: 

Comes as a tarball, just unpack it in the appropriate place (under /usr/local/shared/foxit) and make a module. Also make sure you keep the 'current' link in /usr/local/shared/foxit pointing at the appropriate place.

System status 

System monitoring page

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