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Symbolic maths package


Managed Linux workstations and managed Windows workstations in research groups that have contributed to the cost of the licence. Media is also available for group members and undergraduates to install the package on non-managed machines. Please see to find out which groups currently have access to Mathematica and to download the media if you're a group member or an undergraduate. Media for Windows, OSX, and Linux are available. 

Instructions for users: 

On Linux, load the mathematica module if needed (module add mathematica). Type 'mathematica' for the GUI or 'math' for the command line version. If you want a different version than the default load a different module like this:

$ module avail mathematica
mathematica/10.0.0  mathematica/10.10.0 mathematica/8.0.4   mathematica/9.0.1
$ module rm mathematica
$ module add mathematica/10.10.0

On managed Windows machines you may find a version already installed on your machine. If not please contact the Computer Officers to get it installed. Unfortunately the size of the package means we can't make it available for one click installing.

Licence Details: 

This is proprietary software. The Department of Chemistry has a site licence.


Mathematica has a comprehensive online help system. There are also large amounts of documentation on the web at

Admin notes: 

Licence server

This is (a CNAME for the real licence server). The access control list /usr/local/etc/mathlm_access_script on the licence server prevents the licence from being used by people outside Cambridge. The licence server itself is installed in /usr/local/Wolfram/MathLM7.0. It can be started and stopped with the /etc/init.d/mathlm script. The mathpass file in the MathLM directory is the actual licence.


Access to mathematica is controlled by membership of the mathematica-users group.

Other problems

Check the NumLock isn't on.

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