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GUI LaTeX editor

Instructions for users: 

On Ubuntu this is on the PATH.

$ texmaker

Licence Details: 

Go to Help>User Manual within the app

Admin notes: 

Part of the distro on Ubuntu

Had to build it on SuSE. Required Qt version 4.2 or better. This comes with SuSE 11.1

 wget tar xjf texmaker-1.8.tar.bz2 cd texmaker-1.8 ./ 

Feed it the appropriate prefix (in our case /usr/local/shared/suse-11.1/texmaker/1.8). You don't need to be root for most of it despite what the instructions say; you just need to do the last 'make install' stage as root.

I had to edit texmaker.cpp in the source directory to set the 'Tools/Dvi' viewer to be xdvi rather than evince; the evince the SuSE 11.1 image doesn't have dvi support.

Built this as a 32-bit app. Requires libqt4-x11-32bit installing on the 64-bit machines.

System status 

System monitoring page

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