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Open source data visualization and analysis, data mining through visual programming or Python scripting, components for machine learning, add-ons for bioinformatics and text mining.

Instructions for users: 

On Ubuntu 18.04 and above, orange isn't installed by default, but anyone can install and run it via Anaconda like this:

$ module add anaconda/python3/2021.11
$ conda create -n orange
$ conda activate orange
(orange) $ conda install -c conda-forge orange3
(orange) $ conda install -c defaults pyqt=5 qt
(orange) $ orange-canvas

Once the above has been done, next time you only need to do these three steps:

$ module add anaconda/python3/2021.11
$ conda activate orange
(orange) $ orange-canvas


Licence Details: 
Admin notes: 

On Precise this is a virtualenv. On Trusty it's installed into the system Python 2.7 via NFS and

 python build python install --prefix=/usr/local/shared/ubuntu-14.04/x86_64/python-modules --install-scripts=/usr/local/shared/ubuntu-14.04/bin 

On xenial, installed it through pip:

pip install orange --prefix=/usr/local/

Copied the files it created and built a deb from them.

System status 

System monitoring page

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