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An optimized Python distribution which makes use of Intel's high performance libraries.

Instructions for users: 

Load the intelpython environment module to access this software. There are various different versions available. For example to see the available versions and then load one you'd do something like this:

$ module avail intelpython

---------------------------------------- /etc/environment-modules/modules ----------------------------------------
intelpython/python2/2018/0/018 intelpython/python3/2018/0/018

$ module add intelpython/python3

$ python
Python 3.6.2 |Intel Corporation| (default, Aug 15 2017, 16:14:26)
[GCC 4.8.2 20140120 (Red Hat 4.8.2-15)] on linux
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
Intel(R) Distribution for Python is brought to you by Intel Corporation.
Please check out:

Licence Details: 

This uses the Intel Simplified Software Licence. See for details.


Can be downloaded from .

Admin notes: 

This can be freely downloaded from Intel. A wide variety of install methods are provided, but for the moment we've gone with the one that's similar to the Intel compiler suite - a tarball with an install script in it. We install each version in a subdirectory /usr/local/shared/intel on the NFS server and provide a module.

System status 

System monitoring page

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