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The GOLD and Hermes can be found in the CSDDiscovery applications:

  • Hermes for 3D visualisation pre- and post-docking, interactive docking setup

  • GOLD for protein-ligand docking

  • GoldMine has been superseded by the development of GOLD in the CSD Python API and is no longer supported.


Can be installed on managed Windows workstations.

Instructions for users: 

Installing on personally-owned computers

If you want to install it on your own machine, you can get it as part of the CSD software suite.

Licence Details: 

Proprietary, licence-managed software. Gold is included as part of the CSD software suite.

Admin notes: 

On Ubuntu the module has to set 'gold' as an alias because there's already an unrelated /usr/bin/gold . See Cambridge Structural Database for installation notes.

System status 

System monitoring page

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