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The GOLD Suite consists of three packages:

  • Hermes for 3D visualisation pre- and post-docking, interactive docking setup

  • GOLD for protein-ligand docking

  • GoldMine for post-processing of docking results


All managed Linux workstations as part of the ccdc module. Can be installed on managed Windows workstations.

Instructions for users: 

On managed Linux machines do

module add ccdc/2018 

to load it. The software requires a licence file for each user on each machine, which can be easily set up via the 'mercury' program. When 'mercury' is started and no licence file is found it should prompt you to register and automatically provide the codes needed to do so. If it doesn't you can access the registration by going to the Help menu and picking 'Activate CSD-Discovery'. Once registration is complete you should be able to run the following programs:



Installing on personally-owned computers

If you want to install it on your own machine, you can get it as part of the CSD software suite.

Licence Details: 

Proprietary, licence-managed software. Gold is included as part of the CSD software suite.

Admin notes: 

On Ubuntu the module has to set 'gold' as an alias because there's already an unrelated /usr/bin/gold . See Cambridge Structural Database for installation notes.

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