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BioRender is an online, web-based application used to create, edit, and collaborate on scientific diagrams, and illustrations. It offers a large library of over 40,000 icons to use in the creation of scientific posters, presentations, publications, and more.


We do not hold any spare licences but we are able to procure them on request. Please see the instructions below for more details.

Instructions for users: 

If you are a member of the Department of Chemistry and would like to obtain a licence please contact telling us the number of licences you require in your research group, the names and CRSId's of the users who will use the software and a cost code. The price is available upon request and offers a significant discount over the published price. Once agreed, this price will be charged to the cost code you supply by the Chemistry IT Manager.

Users from departments other than Chemistry should contact their own IT support team to check availability.


BioRender is a web-based application. The instructions can be found here: BioRender learning hub

System status 

System monitoring page

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