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When did you work in IT support at the Department of Chemistry?

I started in August 2018, as an internship for my computer science degree course at university.

What were your main duties?

Assisting IT department staff with technical business-as-usual tasks like setting up student accounts, their Wi-Fi, and other hardware advice. I also undertook bespoke projects such as Python web development of a database web page for students and staff.

What did you most enjoy when you worked in the IT team?

The work-life balance, and how it integrated so well with the city of Cambridge.

What did you find the greatest challenge?

Transitioning from being a student to an employee, since it was my first full-time job.

What did you learn working in the IT team?

Suffice to say, I learned a lot. Specifically, Flask micro web framework which I have since used in my dissertation at university, and as the web server for a startup project I incorporated in 2021. I also developed my communication and interpersonal skills, which have since been crucial in my career.

What are you up to now?

I’m now a technical analyst with a consultancy firm in London.

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