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A package of software development tools from Intel which includes icc (a C/C++ compiler), ifort (a Fortran compiler), Intel MKL (high performance maths library), Intel MPI (an MPI implementation that can be used with either Intel or GNU compilers), a debugger, a performance analyzer, and a large number of other libraries. Newer versions include the icx (C/C++) and ifx (Fortran) compilers.


All managed Linux workstations and managed compute clusters whose OS is new enough to support it.

Instructions for users: 

Load the appropriate environment module:

module add icc # Fortran and C compilers
module add mkl # Math Kernel Library
module add mpi/intel # Intel MPI

then the tools will be available on the commandline. The name of the C compiler program is icc. This program will compile either C or C++. Loading the module also gives access to icpc which is the C++ only compiler. The Fortran compiler is ifort. The MPI compiler for use with gcc compilers is mpicc or mpif90, and for Intel compilers mpiicc or mpiifort . To link the MKL add -mkl to the Intel compiler command line, or consult the MKL link line advisor.

See the environment modules documentation for how to load specific versions and see what other modules may be available.

Licence Details: 

This is proprietary software which is zero cost to download and use.

No support is provided by Intel for the zero cost option. Paid options are available which include support, but we do not have them.

The exact licence agreement for each version can be found in the directory (/usr/local/shared/intel_oneapi/licensing/version/EULA.htm) and typical agreements can be seen online at


Intel provides documentation online; a good place to start is . There are also manpages for some of the tools.

Admin notes: 

This package replaces the old Intel Parallel Studio and Composer XE packages for C and Fortran that we used to purchase floating licences for. We used to need licences because the old compilers were not free to use for all members of the department. With the OneAPI compilers this is no longer the case.

To install see

See also the VTUNE tag in the ansible workstation repository

System status 

System monitoring page

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