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The Department of Chemistry has purchased a site licence for Hyperchem 8.0.


Available for installation on managed Windows workstations.

Downloads for personally-owned computers available at . However the Hyperchem licence server does not work for machines using Chemnet connections or the Chemistry VPN because of a technical limitation in the licence software; if you have trouble checking out licences please contact the computer officers as we can usually connect your machine to the network in a alternative way that will allow it to access the licence.  

A beta version is available for linux.

Instructions for users: 

Windows Installation Procedure

  1. Load the CD and wait for the splash screen OR run "Setup.exe;" as described above from Windows(SMB) share
  2. Click on HyperChem 8.0
  3. Wait for the install shield and click on Next
  4. Read and agree to the license by clicking yes
  5. When asked to choose the type of license for HyperChem select Networked
  6. When asked to choose the component to install select HyperChem client
  7. Choose how your HyperChem client will obtain its license - select from software-licensed server
  8. Please enter registration information now. You can obtain this by clicking this link.
  9. Confirm the information is correct
  10. Enter dealer name as Lightwave Scientific
  11. Select a folder to install the program
  12. Choose the type of installation (Typical should do for most use of the software)
  13. Installation begins
  14. Once complete the typical installation offers you the option of installing POV-Ray, for which you will need to agree to a licence agreement that is displayed
  15. Once installation of hyperchem completes do not run the program as it will not yet work .
  16. Next you need to specify a license server. We need to set an environment variable to do this.
    1. On Windows XP, click on the "Start" menu button then RIGHT click on My Computer, select Properties then select the Advanced tab
    2. On Windows 7, click on the "Start" button, then RIGHT click on Computer, select Properties, then select Advanced system settings at the left-hand side of the screen.
    3. At the bottom of the page should be a button labeled Environment Variables. Click on this
    4. Under System Variables in the lower half of the screen Click on New
    5. In the "Variable Name" type LSHOST and for the "Variable Value" type
  17. Now try to start HyperChem. If there are any problems make a note of any error messages and contact a Computer Officer
Admin notes: 

Licence is on using a piece of software called sentinellm. See /usr/local/sentinel . Doesn't work through NAT gateways, hence problems with Chemnet and OpenVPN. Personal machines needing Hyperchem can be registered in the database with a system image record and assigned an IP there, as we would for a managed machine.


MCS machines also have access to the licence.

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