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This is a means by which the computer office can delegate control of some systems to group computer reps. The group computer rep can add or remove people from the membership list for their services via the DMS web interface. This includes the computer reps group for the research group, so you can add new reps.

Using the DMS is entirely optional.

Membership for the following services is delegated already:

Technical stuff

We can delegate control of anything that can be controlled via membership of an Active Directory group. If the thing you want to control doesn't support this out of the box we can often write scripts to make it work (Subversion, compute servers).

The web interface is expected to be the primary way people interact with the DMS, but in fact you can use any tool that allows you to manipulate Active Directory groups, including Active Directory Users and Computers. Users of managed Linux workstations may be interested in some commandline tools provided on those machines for manipulating groups in the Active Directory: remove-user-from-group, add-user-to-group. Run them with the -h flag to see the instructions for use.

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