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VESTA (Visualisation for Electronic Structural Analysis) is a 3D visualization program for structural models, volumetric data such as electron/nuclear densities, and crystal morphologies.



Managed Windows workstations via WPKG.

Compute clusters.

Ubuntu 20.04 workstations.

Instructions for users: 

On clusters this is on the PATH by default. Ensure that X forwarding is enabled (or use VNC) and type VESTA .

On Ubuntu 20.04 workstations, type "module load vesta" and then "VESTA".

Licence Details: 


Free to download for academic, scientific, educational, and noncommercial users. Drawings produced by VESTA may be used in any publications provided that its use is explicitly acknowledged. A suitable reference for VESTA is:

K. Momma and F. Izumi, "VESTA 3 for three-dimensional visualization of crystal, volumetric and morphology data," J. Appl. Crystallogr., 44, 1272-1276 (2011).

Admin notes: 

They provide an RPM which we install directly onto cluster head nodes.

For workstations, they provide a binary package which we extract directly into /shared/shared/ubuntu-20.04/x86_64/vesta/3.5.8/bin (version number as appropriate). Then add a symlink in chemistry-modulefiles-focal for it.

System status 

System monitoring page

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