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A family of software packages, mostly for analytical chemistry. Users interested in this software should perhaps look at Topspin also, even though it may appear to have a less intuitive interface.


Only available to research groups who have bought a licence. Several different local research groups have access to licences but the COs don't have a definitive list. We can arrange for this software to be installed on managed machines if you can show us evidence that you or your group has paid for a licence.

Instructions for users: 

If you think your group has a licence for this software talk to your group computer rep about how to get hold of it.

Licence Details: 

Proprietary. The groups using the software that the COs are aware of have networked floating licences, but there may be others. We definitely host licences for the Hunter and Nitschke groups.

Admin notes: 

See tickets 181313, 151867, 140373, 106127, also hunterlm

System status 

System monitoring page

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