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A group of institutions in Cambridge University have contributed toward an academic site license deal with National Instruments for LabVIEW 8.6, for a period of 2 years. The deal was kindly negotiated by the Software Sales group, part of the main University Computing Service.

The essential license restriction is :

  • Software can only to be installed on institutionally owned machines
  • Software can not be installed on a personal machine.

We have DVD installation and CD training media for the following platforms:

  • Windows (Vista,XP,2000)
  • Linux
  • OSX (10.3 or later)

Under the terms of the license agreement we are only permitted to distribute the software directly. To obtain the LabVIEW DVDs/CDs please come to room M18 and ask for the LabVIEW installation media.

Instructions for users: 

This product has a very large number of modules and hence installation options. It has successfully been installed on Windows Vista and XP by simply taking the default options. A default installation required approximately 3.5GB of disk space. Allow at least three hours for a full installation. Reboots are also required. NI recommend the following installation order:


  • NI LabVIEW core DVD
  • Extended Development Suite
  • Control, Simulation and Mechatronics
  • RF and Wireless Communications Software
  • NI Device Drivers

Outlined below are the installation instructions for the Core DVD and Extended Development Suite on Windows. The ensuing DVDs/CDs follow a similar pattern.

NI LabVIEW Core Software:

Upon running setup.exe from the Core DVD you will be prompted for your Full Name , Organisation and the Serial number. Following this you will be prompted for the destination directory for National Instruments software and LabVIEW. You will then be prompted for the installation directory for Signal Express. After this you will be asked if you agree to the relevant license agreements. Installation then begins. To activate the software you will be presented with an activation window showing the following options

  • Automatically Activate through a secure Internet connection
  • Use a Web browser, email client telephone or fax machine to aquire an activation code
  • Apply one or more 20-character activation codes previously aquired for this computer

The window that follows has activation codes already filled in, simply click on next. You will then be presented with a window asking for your name and organisation. You may at this stage also select not to register the product if you wish. The next window contains the option "send me email confirmation" of this activation. MAKE SURE you select this option. The activation wizard then tries to contact National Instruments over the internet. Installations so far have returned a message saying that an error occurred. If you now choose to exit you should subsequently receive an email with all the activation codes together with activation instructions. The machine then asks you to restart. The LabVIEW Core software DVD should now be installed.

Extended Develop Suite DVD:

Run setup.exe and choose the option modules you require. You will be prompted for your Name Organisation and Serial number. You will then be asked for the installation directory for CVI National Instruments and DIAadem software. Now read and if you agree, accept, the license. Product installation now begins. You may receive a warning regarding "Measurement studio for visual 2003" not working with vista due to Visual 2003 not being available for Vista. If this is an issue for you you may have to switch to an operating system that does support this software. You will then be asked to restart your machine.

The core software and development tools of LabVIEW should now be installed. The remaining DVDs provide specialised embedded system modules, signal processing modules and device drivers .


The software has not yet been installed on a Linux or OSX machine.


Any support issues should be directed to Software Sales rather than direct to National Instruments or LabView. Additionally we have been told that "the code issued should work with previous versions of the software".

System status 

System monitoring page

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