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The OpenVPN service has been upgraded to a newer version of the software. For best results we recommend everyone updates to the latest version of the configuration files. However we will continue to support the old versions for some time to come.

You do not need to reinstall the OpenVPN software to update the configuration. Mac users in particular should NOT routinely upgrade their version of Tunnelblick to the latest as we often encounter compatibility issues with newer versions. If you're prompted to update, always consult the Mac installation instructions to see what the latest known good version is and DON'T update to any other version.

How to check if you need to update the configuration

Start the VPN and go to to check if your configuration file needs updating.


It is possible to log into OpenVPN using either your ChemNet credentials or your Admitto credentials. ChemNet is preferred as it is safer to save a ChemNet token onto your device than it is your Admitto password. Collect your ChemNet credentials from . NB if you are using ChemNet credentials the username is your CRSID followed by  . 

Configuration files

If you already have the OpenVPN service installed you can just grab the latest configuration files from this page. To download a file, right-click on it and select 'Save Link As...' or the nearest equivalent. If you're having trouble making your machine see the updated files try moving the old configuration files to a backup folder.

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