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Entry requirement:  2.1 Masters degree or equivalent

Please check international qualifications equivalence guidelines here.

Coming to Cambridge for a PhD in Chemistry means you will be joining a community of over 50 academics, 350 PhD students and more than 200 postdoctoral researchers. The research opportunities are vast and career development is second to none. 

The route to a PhD takes up to four years of full-time research, culminating in a substantial thesis of up to 60,000 words which is examined by viva. Along your journey to a PhD, you will be absorbed in the laboratory life of your chosen research group. The postgraduate chemistry lecture series we offer aims to bring everyone up to the same high-level of foundational knowledge; irrespective of prior educational background at Masters level. You will present your research at seminars and conferences as you progress. Most PhD students go to at least one international and national chemistry conference in the course of their studies.


We strongly recommend that you correspond with potential supervisors early and well in advance of submitting your application. This is also important for maintaining oversight of which project you could be working on. Prospective projects may not always reflect groups publications therefore, we encourage you to discuss this with your potential supervisors to avoid disappointment. 


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Physical & Atmospheric 



Prof. Sir Shankar Balsubramanian FRS

Prof. Hugo Bronstein

Prof. Alexander Archibald

Dr Pawel Dydio

Prof. Stuart Althorpe

Dr Paul Barker

Prof. Melinda Duer

Prof. Stuart Clarke Prof. Matthew Gaunt

Prof. Rosana Collepardo-Guevara

Prof. Gonçalo Bernardes

Dr Alexander Forse

Dr Chiara Giorio Prof. Jonathan Goodman

Dr Stephen Cox

Prof. Sophie Jackson

Prof. Clare Grey FRS

Prof. Stephen Jenkins Prof. Christopher Hunter FRS Prof. Jonathan Goodman
Dr Mateo Sanchez Lopez

Prof. Jonathan Nitschke

Prof. Sir David Klenerman FRS Prof. Robert Phipps Dr Robert Jack
Dr Pietro Sormanni

Prof. Erwin Reisner

Prof. Tuomas Knowles

Prof. David Spring

Prof. Angelos Michaelides

Prof. Michele Vendruscolo

Prof. Oren Scherman

Prof. Steven Lee

Dr Ruth Webster

Dr Aleks Reinhardt

Dr Julian Willis

Prof. Andrew Wheatley

Dr Svetlana Menkin


Dr Alexander Thom


Prof. Dominic Wright  


Prof. David Wales FRS

  Dr Jenny Zhang