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MPhil in Chemistry

Entry requirement: 2.1 Bachelor’s Honours degree or equivalent.

Please check international qualifications equivalence guidelines here.

Please contact if you have any questions surrounding our minimum requirements.

This intensive one-year research MPhil in Chemistry prepares students for a career in the chemical sciences. You will conduct a substantial research project within the main themes of research ongoing in the department. The 15,000-word thesis you produce at the end of your project is examined by formal viva. 

Many students choose this MPhil programme as an access route for PhD study here or elsewhere. Others head off into the industrial sector, having gained solid expertise in laboratory and practical skills. Our chemistry education programme, including lectures and researcher development workshops, is open to all MPhil students, along with career development advice and mentoring.

HOW TO APPLY  Competition is strong for MPhil places and in all cases, we recommend that you correspond with potential supervisors early, well in advance of submitting your application. This is important in order both to understand which project you could be working on (prospective projects may not always be reflected in current group publications) and that current space will allow your prospective supervisor to accommodate you in their research laboratory, particularly with synthetic groups where fume cupboard space needs to be taken into account.


Table of Academics  - please contact the academic you wish to study under before you apply as places are limited



Physical & Atmospheric



Prof. Sir Shankar Balsubramanian FRS

Dr Hugo Bronstein

Dr Alexander Archibald

Prof. Matthew Gaunt

Prof. Stuart Althorpe

Dr Paul Barker

Prof. Melinda Duer

Prof. Stuart Clarke

Prof. Jonathan Goodman

Dr Rosana Collepardo-Guevara

Dr Gonçalo Bernardes

Prof. Clare Grey FRS

Dr Chiara Giorio

Prof. Christopher Hunter FRS

Prof. Jonathan Goodman

Prof. Sophie Jackson

Dr Alexander Forse

Dr Stephen Jenkins

Prof. David Spring

Dr Robert Jack

Dr Finian Leeper

Prof. Jonathan Nitschke

Prof. Sir David Klenerman FRS


Prof. Angelos Michaelides

Dr Pietro Sormanni

Prof. Erwin Reisner

Prof. Tuomas Knowles


Dr Aleks Reinhardt

Prof. Michele Vendruscolo

Prof. Oren Scherman

Dr Steven Lee


Dr Alexander Thom


Prof. Silvia Vignolini

Dr Anja Schmidt


Prof. David Wales FRS


Dr Andrew Wheatley



  Dr Paul Wood      
  Prof. Dominic Wright      
  Dr Jenny Zhang