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If I am applying to an advertised project in a specific research group, is it okay to list just one supervisor?

Yes that is fine. In other circumstances, where you have already been accepted by a prospective supervisor through initial conversations and/or pre-interviews, it is also fine to list just one supervisor.

Should I ask for a pre-interview conversation when I contact a potential supervisor?

This is entirely up to the student on whether they feel it would be beneficial to them to discuss potential research projects and aid their research prior to applying. You can offer the opportunity to meet, should the supervisor wish to meet you prior to interview. Most often than not, they will not be able to arrange a meeting due to busy schedule - please bare this in mind if you do not hear back. If this is the case, only send one follow up email.

Is it necessary to attach a research proposal and CV when contact supervisor by email?

A research proposal is not needed. It is common to discuss such details during the interview if you are short-listed. A CV will suffice with a brief sentence on what you your research interests are.

What are effective ways to capture a prospective supervisor's attention?

Our academics are busy and might not always be able to reply to emails. Short emails where you have got their name correct and shown that you have looked into their research will capture their attention. A sentence on your background could also help. Please make sure you attach your CV. You can send them one reminder, but please do not send repeated emails. 

What do potential supervisors seek in prospective students?

A degree that meets the minimum requirements required for the degree which you are applying for; basic skills required to get started with your research project; must have had some exposure in relevant research area.

Where can I see whether supervisiors have a vacancy in the research group?

Can I list prospective supervisors from different research interest groups in the application?

Yes, often our supervisors' research spans over 2 research interest groups.

How many students do most supervisors take on at a given time?

Each research group size/ lab space is different and every PI has different level of funding therefore, this can vary based on year and group.

Should I show my application or research proposal to a potential supervisor before submission?

This is dependant on your relationship and prior contact with your prospective supervisor. It will not have any bearing on your application whether you show them or not before submission. Supervisors are very busy and may not have the time to review all applications before submission. 

What should I expect from a one to one meeting with a potential supervisor?

Treat any interaction with a prospective supervisor as an interview. Be prepared to ask questions and talk about your research experience to date. The format of these 1-1 meetings can vary depending on supervisor. If you are unsure on how to prepare, you can ask simple questions in your response such as: "would you like me to prepare any slides of my previous experience" etc. 

How do I demonstrate knowledge of the area if my chosen supervisors are in different research interest groups?

You can state your top 3 supervisor choices within that one application providing reasons for your choice. You can use headline to clear divide up your choices and reasons for your choices. The Research specific questions are divided into: Experience, Supervisors, Reasons for choosing the supervisors and Research Interests. If you have multiple research interests you may wish you separate these in the last section with clear headings.