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Do I need a previous degree in chemistry to apply?

You do not need to have studied Chemistry at undergraduate to pursue a PhD or MPhil in the Chemistry Department. The Department covers many research areas and the key aspect is that your previous experience is aligned. Therefore, it depends on the supervisor's research area and how that is aligned with your educational background. Most will require a Chemistry degree. 

Is having an integrated masters (MChem) equivalent to seperate BSc and Masters when applying for a PhD?

Yes, studying an MChem is the standard in most UK universities, as is considered a Masters regardless of it being integrated or not.

Percentage wise, what is a 2.1?

Please use the International qualifications page to check whether you need the minimum requirements for entry. 

I am studying a combined BS-MS and my BS GPA is lower than my combined GPA. How will I be assessed on my academic transcript?

The combined GPA will be considered when assessing application where an applicant is studying a combined BS-MS or intergrated Masters.

Am I eligible for the PhD if I do not have a Masters degree?

The Masters is a Department academic requirement for the PhD. Sometimes we are able to make exceptions for example if the undergraduate degree is a 4/5 year degree in US which has a strong research component. If the undergraduate degree is not in the US, we would usually expect applicants to have the equivalent research experience to be accepted for the PhD. The decision is ultimately up to the supervisor or interview panel, but they might have to make an academic case to the Degree Committee.

Should I wait for receipt of my Masters transcript before applying?

You are able to apply without your final transcript and can include your predicted result in the application. Please note you cannot amend your application (add new grades or a certificate) after the application is submitted. If you are made an offer, you will be required to upload the transcript once confirmed to satisfy your academic conditions.