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We have compiled some frequently asked questions from the Open Day and email queries. If you have a question, please check these pages and the Postgraduate Admissions Office help centre as it might have already been answered. If you cannot find the answer, please contact us on admissions [at]

Important dates

There are several categories of outcomes you could fall into following your application submission. Please make a note of the dates below before contacting admissions regarding the status of your application:

  • Shortlisted scholarship eligible candidates interviewed for competition – January (if you are not interviewed in January you are unlikely to be put forward for the scholarship competition).
  • Entered into scholarship competition – your offer will be processed at Departmental level and you will be informed that you have been entered into the scholarship competition by mid-February. Candidates who require an offer for specific external funding should inform the postgraduate office of this before mid-February
  • Interviewed but not entered into scholarship competition – your application may be on hold until the outcome of the scholarship competition is known (this can be up to the end of June) in order to gauge available places. During this time, you may be offered a place if other funding becomes available – this should be discussed directly with your prospective supervisorIf you are able to self-fund, please indicate this on your application. 
  • Not interviewed for scholarship competition - Your application will be considered with the gathered field for the supervisor’s own funding. You will either receive a rejection or your application may be kept on hold until the outcome of the scholarship competition is known.

If you have not heard anything by mid-April, please get in touch with

General application process

Academic requirements

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Looking ahead to student life

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