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The Department of Chemistry aims to provide all postgraduate students with excellent and relevant postgraduate training and education, careers advice and researcher development opportunities. 


Training Programme

Students have the freedom to choose their own bespoke series of lectures and training opportunties from our extensive and evolving range, which directly supports both research and the broader chemistry knowledge base desired by our yearly cohort of students. 

If you would like to know more please take a look at our Training Programme.

Researcher Development

The Researcher Development Programme (RDP) offers you a wide variety of workshops, courses and events that help you in becoming a professional researcher. In order to provide you with some guidance on what to engage with, the RDP have developed the  Cambridge Researcher Development Framework (CamRDF). It is based on the national RDF and developed for University of Cambridge PhD students. The CamRDF suggests 15 competencies that are valued by both academic and non-academic employers in an increasingly interdisciplinary and international context. Some of those skills are naturally enhanced during the everyday research life, but others will need some help.