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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


Professor David Spring talks about his research

Our research interests originate from a desire to understand and exploit biological systems using organic synthesis primarily. Listed below are areas of research that we are exploring; for more detailed information visit the Spring Group web pages.

We collaborate with many chemical companies and academic groups around the world. The scientific education of group members in organic synthesis is given a high priority; however, they are encouraged also to learn and perform new techniques relating to their projects with our industrial and academic collaborators. Every effort is made so that group members achieve their career ambitions, usually jobs in academia or the chemical industries.

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Watch Professor David Spring discuss his research

Take a two-minute tour of the Spring Lab

For more detailed information please visit the Spring Group research pages.


If you are looking for the teaching material from my lecture courses, then please go to the Moodle website.


For a list of all our publications please visit the Spring Group publication page.


Microscopy and chemical analyses reveal flavone-based woolly fibres extrude from micron-sized holes in glandular trichomes of Dionysia tapetodes.
M Bourdon, J Gaynord, KH Müller, G Evans, S Wallis, P Aston, DR Spring, R Wightman
– BMC Plant Biology
The multifaceted nature of antimicrobial peptides: current synthetic chemistry approaches and future directions.
BH Gan, J Gaynord, SM Rowe, T Deingruber, DR Spring
– Chemical Society reviews
Downfalls of Chemical Probes Acting at the Kinase ATP-Site: CK2 as a Case Study.
EL Atkinson, J Iegre, PD Brear, EA Zhabina, M Hyvönen, DR Spring
– Molecules (Basel, Switzerland)
Photocatalytic methods for amino acid modification.
TA King, J Mandrup Kandemir, SJ Walsh, DR Spring
– Chemical Society reviews
Chemical probes targeting the kinase CK2: A journey outside the catalytic box
J Iegre, EL Atkinson, PD Brear, BM Cooper, M Hyvönen, DR Spring
– Org Biomol Chem
Peptides as a platform for targeted therapeutics for cancer: Peptide-drug conjugates (PDCs)
BM Cooper, J Iegre, DH O' Donovan, M Ölwegård Halvarsson, DR Spring
– Chem Soc Rev
Site-selective modification strategies in antibody–drug conjugates
SJ Walsh, JD Bargh, FM Dannheim, AR Hanby, H Seki, AJ Counsell, X Ou, E Fowler, N Ashman, Y Takada, A Isidro-Llobet, JS Parker, JS Carroll, DR Spring
– Chem Soc Rev
Rapid and robust cysteine bioconjugation with vinylheteroarenes
H Seki, SJ Walsh, JD Bargh, JS Parker, J Carroll, DR Spring
– Chemical Science
The role of chemical synthesis in developing RiPP antibiotics
SM Rowe, DR Spring
– Chem Soc Rev
A dual-enzyme cleavable linker for antibody-drug conjugates.
JD Bargh, SJ Walsh, N Ashman, A Isidro-Llobet, JS Carroll, DR Spring
– Chemical Communications
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