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Department of Chemistry

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Reader for Molecular Informatics

Associate Director Computational ADME and Safety (Clinical Pharmacology & Safety Sciences/Data Science and Artificial Intelligence - CPSS/DSAI) at AstraZeneca Cambridge

Co-founder of Healx Ltd.

Co-founder of PharmEnable Ltd.

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  • Committed to developing new life science data analysis methods (AI/ML/data science) and their application, primarily related to chemical biology, drug discovery and in silico toxicology
  • Expertise comprises data ranging from chemical structure and gene expression data to phenotypic readouts and preclinical information, applied to both efficacy- and safety/tox-related questions
  • Collaborating with academic research groups, as well as  pharmaceutical, chemical, and consumer goods companies (Eli Lilly, AstraZeneca, GSK, BASF, Johnson&Johnson/Janssen, Unilever, ...)
  • Co-founder/founding CTO and current SAB member of Healx Ltd. (data-driven drug repurposing for rare diseases, and beyond); co-founder of PharmEnable Ltd.; SAB member of Lhasa Ltd. (toxicology and metabolism prediction) and Cresset Ltd.
  • Coordinator of the Computational & In Silico Toxicology Specialty Section of the British Toxicology Society (BTS)
  • Steering Committee Member of the Cambridge Alliance on Medicines Safety (CAMS)
  • Currently leading a group of ca. 15 PhD students, postdocs, project students and visitors at the Centre for Molecular Informatics at the University of Cambridge,


Correction to: Concordance analysis of microarray studies identifies representative gene expression changes in Parkinson's disease: a comparison of 33 human and animal studies.
E Oerton, A Bender
– BMC Neurology
Characterizing ABC-Transporter Substrate-Likeness Using a Clean-Slate Genetic Background.
A Sokolov, S Ashenden, N Sahin, R Lewis, N Erdem, E Ozaltan, A Bender, FP Roth, M Cokol
– Front Pharmacol
Prediction of UGT-mediated Metabolism Using the Manually Curated MetaQSAR Database
A Mazzolari, AM Afzal, A Pedretti, B Testa, G Vistoli, A Bender
– ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters
KekuleScope: prediction of cancer cell line sensitivity and compound potency using convolutional neural networks trained on compound images
I Cortés-Ciriano, A Bender
– Journal of cheminformatics
Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Drugs: From Heritage to Future Developments
TP Fan, Y Zhu, C Leon, G Franz, A Bender, X Zheng
Maximizing gain in high-throughput screening using conformal prediction.
F Svensson, AM Afzal, U Norinder, A Bender
– Journal of Cheminformatics
Systemic neurotransmitter responses to clinically approved and experimental neuropsychiatric drugs.
HR Noori, LH Mervin, V Bokharaie, Ö Durmus, L Egenrieder, S Fritze, B Gruhlke, G Reinhardt, H-H Schabel, S Staudenmaier, NK Logothetis, A Bender, R Spanagel
– Nature Communications
Deep Confidence: A Computationally Efficient Framework for Calculating Reliable Prediction Errors for Deep Neural Networks.
I Cortés-Ciriano, A Bender
– Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
Information-Derived Mechanistic Hypotheses for Structural Cardiotoxicity.
F Svensson, A Zoufir, S Mahmoud, AM Afzal, I Smit, KA Giblin, PJ Clements, JT Mettetal, A Pointon, JS Harvey, N Greene, RV Williams, A Bender
– Chemical Research in Toxicology
Discovery of a small-molecule inhibitor of specific serine residue BAD phosphorylation.
V Pandey, B Wang, CD Mohan, AR Raquib, S Rangappa, V Srinivasa, JE Fuchs, KS Girish, T Zhu, A Bender, L Ma, Z Yin, Basappa, KS Rangappa, PE Lobie
– Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
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