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Department of Chemistry

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Reader for Molecular Informatics

Co-founder of Healx Ltd.

Co-founder of PharmEnable Ltd.

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  • Committed to developing new life science data analysis methods (AI/ML/data science) and their application, primarily related to chemical biology, drug discovery and in silico toxicology
  • Expertise comprises data ranging from chemical structure and gene expression data to phenotypic readouts and preclinical information, applied to both efficacy- and safety/tox-related questions
  • Collaborating with academic research groups, as well as  pharmaceutical, chemical, and consumer goods companies (Eli Lilly, AstraZeneca, GSK, BASF, Johnson&Johnson/Janssen, Unilever, ...)
  • Co-founder/founding CTO and current SAB member of Healx Ltd. (data-driven drug repurposing for rare diseases, and beyond); co-founder of PharmEnable Ltd.; SAB member of Lhasa Ltd. (toxicology and metabolism prediction) and Cresset Ltd.
  • Currently leading a group of ca. 15 PhD students, postdocs, project students and visitors at the Centre for Molecular Informatics at the University of Cambridge,


Sulfated Ceria Catalyzed Synthesis of Imidazopyridines and Their Implementation as DNA Minor Groove Binders.
S Mohan, S Rangappa, NC Anilkumar, JE Fuchs, A Bender, Basappa, KS Rangappa, R Bhatnagar
– Chemistry & Biodiversity
Correction to: Concordance analysis of microarray studies identifies representative gene expression changes in Parkinson's disease: a comparison of 33 human and animal studies.
E Oerton, A Bender
– BMC Neurol
Prediction of UGT-mediated Metabolism Using the Manually Curated MetaQSAR Database.
A Mazzolari, AM Afzal, A Pedretti, B Testa, G Vistoli, A Bender
– ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters
Characterizing ABC-transporter substrate-likeness using a clean-slate genetic background
A Sokolov, S Ashenden, N Sahin, R Lewis, N Erdem, E Ozaltan, A Bender, FP Roth, M Cokol
– Front Pharmacol
Maximizing gain in high-throughput screening using conformal prediction
F Svensson, AM Afzal, U Norinder, A Bender
– J Cheminform
Systemic neurotransmitter responses to clinically approved and experimental neuropsychiatric drugs.
HR Noori, LH Mervin, V Bokharaie, Ö Durmus, L Egenrieder, S Fritze, B Gruhlke, G Reinhardt, H-H Schabel, S Staudenmaier, NK Logothetis, A Bender, R Spanagel
– Nature Communications
Erratum: Discovery of a non-toxic [1,2,4]triazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidin-7-one (WS-10) that modulates ABCB1-mediated multidrug resistance (MDR) (Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry (2018) 26(18) (5006–5017)(S0968089618306692)(10.1016/j.bmc.2018.08.021))
L Chang, M Xiao, L Yang, S Wang, S-Q Wang, A Bender, A Hu, Z-S Chen, B Yu, H-M Liu
– Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry
Deep Confidence: A Computationally Efficient Framework for Calculating Reliable Prediction Errors for Deep Neural Networks.
I Cortés-Ciriano, A Bender
– J Chem Inf Model
Information-Derived Mechanistic Hypotheses for Structural Cardiotoxicity
F Svensson, A Zoufir, S Mahmoud, AM Afzal, I Smit, KA Giblin, PJ Clements, JT Mettetal, A Pointon, JS Harvey, N Greene, RV Williams, A Bender
– Chemical research in toxicology
Discovery of a small-molecule inhibitor of specific serine residue BAD phosphorylation.
V Pandey, B Wang, CD Mohan, AR Raquib, S Rangappa, V Srinivasa, JE Fuchs, KS Girish, T Zhu, A Bender, L Ma, Z Yin, Basappa, KS Rangappa, PE Lobie
– Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
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