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Data-Driven Drug Discovery and Molecular Informatics

In our group we develop new life science data analysis methods (AI/ML/data science) and apply them in practice, primarily related to chemical biology, drug discovery and in silico toxicology

Expertise comprises data ranging from chemical structure and gene expression data to phenotypic readouts and preclinical information, applied to both efficacy- and safety/tox-related questions

We collaborate with academic research groups, as well as  pharmaceutical, chemical, and consumer goods companies (Eli Lilly, AstraZeneca, GSK, BASF, Johnson&Johnson/Janssen, Unilever, ...)

Two companies have resulted from research in the lab, and it wouldn't have happened with signficiant work of other people - Healx Ltd. (led by Tim Guilliams) and Pharmenable Ltd. (led by Hannah Sore)