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Data-Driven Drug Discovery and Molecular Informatics

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DOCKSTRING: Easy Molecular Docking Yields Better Benchmarks for Ligand Design
M García-Ortegón, GNC Simm, AJ Tripp, JM Hernández-Lobato, A Bender, S Bacallado
– Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
Cell Morphological Profiling Enables High-Throughput Screening for PROteolysis TArgeting Chimera (PROTAC) Phenotypic Signature.
M-A Trapotsi, E Mouchet, G Williams, T Monteverde, K Juhani, R Turkki, F Miljković, A Martinsson, L Mervin, KR Pryde, E Müllers, I Barrett, O Engkvist, A Bender, K Moreau
– ACS Chem Biol
PARP inhibition is a modulator of anti-tumor immune response in BRCA-deficient tumors
AD Staniszewska, J Armenia, M King, C Michaloglou, A Reddy, M Singh, M San Martin, L Prickett, Z Wilson, T Proia, D Russell, M Thomas, O Delpuech, MJ O'Connor, E Leo, H Angell, V Valge-Archer
– OncoImmunology
Deriving time-concordant event cascades from gene expression data: A case study for Drug-Induced Liver Injury (DILI)
A Liu, N Han, J Munoz-Muriedas, A Bender
– PLOS Computational Biology
Prediction of In Vivo Pharmacokinetic Parameters and Time–Exposure Curves in Rats Using Machine Learning from the Chemical Structure
O Obrezanova, A Martinsson, T Whitehead, S Mahmoud, A Bender, F Miljković, P Grabowski, B Irwin, I Oprisiu, G Conduit, M Segall, GF Smith, B Williamson, S Winiwarter, N Greene
– Molecular Pharmaceutics
Latent Variables Capture Pathway-Level Points of Departure in High-Throughput Toxicogenomic Data
D Basili, J Reynolds, J Houghton, S Malcomber, B Chambers, M Liddell, I Muller, A White, I Shah, LJ Everett, A Middleton, A Bender
– Chem Res Toxicol
dialogi: Utilising NLP with chemical and disease similarities to drive the identification of Drug-Induced Liver Injury literature
N Katritsis, A Liu, G Youssef, S Rathee, M MacMahon, W Hwang, L Wollman, N Han
Deriving waveform parameters from calcium transients in human iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes to predict cardiac activity with machine learning.
H Yang, W Stebbeds, J Francis, A Pointon, O Obrezanova, KA Beattie, P Clements, JS Harvey, GF Smith, A Bender
– Stem cell reports
DILIC: An AI based classifier to search for Drug-Induced Liver Injury literature
S Rathee, M MacMahon, A Liu, N Katritsis, G Youssef, W Hwang, L Wollman, N Han
Integrating Cell Morphology with Gene Expression and Chemical Structure to Aid Mitochondrial Toxicity Detection
S Seal, J Carreras-Puigvert, M-A Trapotsi, H Yang, O Spjuth, A Bender
– biorxiv
Computational analyses of mechanism of action (MoA): data, methods and integration
M-A Trapotsi, L Hosseini-Gerami, A Bender
– RSC Chemical Biology
Chapter 8. Using Artificial Intelligence for Drug Repurposing
A Bender
DDREL: From drug-drug relationships to drug repurposing
M Allahgholi, H Rahmani, D Javdani, Z Sadeghi-Adl, A Bender, D Módos, G Weiss
– Intelligent Data Analysis
Virtual Screening Directly Identifies New Fragment-Sized Inhibitors of Carboxylesterase Notum with Nanomolar Activity
D Steadman, BN Atkinson, Y Zhao, NJ Willis, S Frew, A Monaghan, C Patel, E Armstrong, K Costelloe, L Magno, M Bictash, EY Jones, PV Fish, F Svensson
– Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Machine Learning Models for Human In Vivo Pharmacokinetic Parameters with In-House Validation
F Miljković, A Martinsson, O Obrezanova, B Williamson, M Johnson, A Sykes, A Bender, N Greene
– Molecular pharmaceutics
Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Drug Design: Opportunities and Challenges.
M Thomas, A Boardman, M Garcia-Ortegon, H Yang, C de Graaf, A Bender
– Methods in molecular biology (Clifton, N.J.)
In silico approaches in organ toxicity hazard assessment: current status and future needs in predicting liver toxicity.
A Bassan, VM Alves, A Amberg, LT Anger, S Auerbach, L Beilke, A Bender, MTD Cronin, KP Cross, J-H Hsieh, N Greene, R Kemper, MT Kim, M Mumtaz, T Noeske, M Pavan, J Pletz, DP Russo, Y Sabnis, M Schaefer, DT Szabo, J-P Valentin, J Wichard, D Williams, D Woolley, C Zwickl, GJ Myatt
– Computational Toxicology
In silico approaches in organ toxicity hazard assessment: Current status and future needs for predicting heart, kidney and lung toxicities
A Bassan, VM Alves, A Amberg, LT Anger, L Beilke, A Bender, A Bernal, MTD Cronin, J-H Hsieh, C Johnson, R Kemper, M Mumtaz, L Neilson, M Pavan, A Pointon, J Pletz, P Ruiz, DP Russo, Y Sabnis, R Sandhu, M Schaefer, L Stavitskaya, DT Szabo, J-P Valentin, D Woolley, C Zwickl, GJ Myatt
– Computational Toxicology
Synergy conformal prediction applied to large-scale bioactivity datasets and in federated learning.
U Norinder, O Spjuth, F Svensson
– J Cheminform
Prediction and identification of synergistic compound combinations against pancreatic cancer cells
Y KalantarMotamedi, RJ Choi, S-B Koh, JL Bramhall, T-P Fan, A Bender
– iScience