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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


Professor of Molecular Informatics

Currently also: Chief Informatics and Technology Officer (CITO) at Pangea Botanica, London/UK and Berlin/Germany

Previous positions:

Director Digital Chemistry at NUVISAN Berlin

Associate Director Computational ADME and Safety (Clinical Pharmacology & Safety Sciences/Data Science and Artificial Intelligence - CPSS/DSAI) at AstraZeneca Cambridge

Co-founder of Healx Ltd.

Co-founder of PharmEnable Ltd.

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  • Committed to developing new life science data analysis methods (AI/ML/data science) and their application, primarily related to chemical biology, drug discovery and in silico toxicology
  • Expertise comprises data ranging from chemical structure and gene expression data to phenotypic readouts and preclinical information, applied to both efficacy- and safety/tox-related questions
  • Collaborating with academic research groups, as well as  pharmaceutical, chemical, and consumer goods companies (Eli Lilly, AstraZeneca, GSK, BASF, Johnson&Johnson/Janssen, Unilever, ...)
  • Co-founder/founding CTO and current SAB member of Healx Ltd. (data-driven drug repurposing for rare diseases, and beyond); co-founder of PharmEnable Ltd.; SAB member of Lhasa Ltd. (toxicology and metabolism prediction) and Cresset Ltd.
  • Coordinator of the Computational & In Silico Toxicology Specialty Section of the British Toxicology Society (BTS)
  • Steering Committee Member of the Cambridge Alliance on Medicines Safety (CAMS)
  • Currently leading a group of ca. 15 PhD students, postdocs, project students and visitors at the Centre for Molecular Informatics at the University of Cambridge,


In silico approaches in organ toxicity hazard assessment: Current status and future needs for predicting heart, kidney and lung toxicities
A Bassan, VM Alves, A Amberg, LT Anger, L Beilke, A Bender, A Bernal, MTD Cronin, J-H Hsieh, C Johnson, R Kemper, M Mumtaz, L Neilson, M Pavan, A Pointon, J Pletz, P Ruiz, DP Russo, Y Sabnis, R Sandhu, M Schaefer, L Stavitskaya, DT Szabo, J-P Valentin, D Woolley, C Zwickl, GJ Myatt
– Computational Toxicology
In silico approaches in organ toxicity hazard assessment: current status and future needs in predicting liver toxicity.
A Bassan, VM Alves, A Amberg, LT Anger, S Auerbach, L Beilke, A Bender, MTD Cronin, KP Cross, J-H Hsieh, N Greene, R Kemper, MT Kim, M Mumtaz, T Noeske, M Pavan, J Pletz, DP Russo, Y Sabnis, M Schaefer, DT Szabo, J-P Valentin, J Wichard, D Williams, D Woolley, C Zwickl, GJ Myatt
– Computational toxicology (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Prediction and identification of synergistic compound combinations against pancreatic cancer cells.
Y KalantarMotamedi, RJ Choi, S-B Koh, JL Bramhall, T-P Fan, A Bender
– iScience
The impact of pooling animal histopathology control data on the statistical detection of treatment-related findings
PSR Wright, KA Briggs, R Thomas, GF Smith, G Maglennon, P Mikulskis, M Chapman, N Greene, A Bender
– Toxicology Letters
Probabilistic Random Forest improves bioactivity predictions close to the classification threshold by taking into account experimental uncertainty
LH Mervin, M-A Trapotsi, AM Afzal, IP Barrett, A Bender, O Engkvist
– Journal of Cheminformatics
Computational drug repositioning for ischemic stroke: Neuroprotective drug discovery
Y Li, J Yang, Y Zhang, Q Meng, A Bender, X Chen
– Future Med Chem
Transcriptional drug repositioning and cheminformatics approach for differentiation therapy of leukaemia cells
Y KalantarMotamedi, F Ejeian, F Sabouhi, L Bahmani, AS Nejati, AM Bhagwat, AM Ahadi, AP Tafreshi, MH Nasr-Esfahani, A Bender
– Scientific Reports
DOP07 Ulcerative Colitis associated single nucleotide polymorphisms found in transcription factor binding sites effect key pathogenesis pathways and facilitate patient stratification
D Modos, J Brooks-Warburton, P Sudhakar, M Madgwick, D Fazekas, M Szalay-Beko, JP Thomas, B Verstockt, A Watson, M Tremelling, M Parkes, S Vermeire, A Bender, SR Carding, T Korcsmaros
– Journal of Crohn's and Colitis
Comparison of structure- and ligand-based scoring functions for deep generative models: a GPCR case study
M Thomas, RT Smith, NM O'Boyle, C de Graaf, A Bender
– J Cheminform
Comparison of Chemical Structure and Cell Morphology Information for Multitask Bioactivity Predictions
M-A Trapotsi, LH Mervin, AM Afzal, N Sturm, O Engkvist, IP Barrett, A Bender
– Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling
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