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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


Research Associate

Dr. Qingchen Shen obtained his Ph.D. degree in Materials Science and Engineering at Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2020, under the supervision of Prof. Tao Deng. During his Ph.D., he primarily focused on infrared sensing and thermal energy conversion. He is currently working on passive daytime radiative cooling and sensing applications of cellulose nanomaterials.


Enhancing electricity generation during water evaporation through a symmetric double Schottky-junction design
M Jiang, W Zhang, S An, Q Shen, B Fu, C Song, P Tao, J Wang, W Shang, T Deng
– Nano Energy
Liquid metal-based soft, hermetic, and wireless-communicable seals for stretchable systems.
Q Shen, M Jiang, R Wang, K Song, MH Vong, W Jung, F Krisnadi, R Kan, F Zheng, B Fu, P Tao, C Song, G Weng, B Peng, J Wang, W Shang, MD Dickey, T Deng
– Science (New York, N.Y.)
Structurally Colored Radiative Cooling Cellulosic Films.
W Zhu, B Droguet, Q Shen, Y Zhang, TG Parton, X Shan, RM Parker, MFL De Volder, T Deng, S Vignolini, T Li
– Advanced Science
Vapor bubble induced electric current generation
W Li, W Zhang, L Zhou, Q Shen, M Jiang, B Fu, P Tao, C Song, J Wu, T Deng, W Shang
– Pure and Applied Chemistry
Enhancement of infrared emissivity by the hierarchical microstructures from the wing scales of butterfly Rapala dioetas
C Lou, S An, R Yang, H Zhu, Q Shen, M Jiang, B Fu, P Tao, C Song, T Deng, W Shang
– APL Photonics
Bioinspired Temperature Regulation in Interfacial Evaporation
M Jiang, Q Shen, J Zhang, S An, S Ma, P Tao, C Song, B Fu, J Wang, T Deng, W Shang
– Advanced Functional Materials
Light-driven motion of water droplets with directional control on nanostructured surfaces.
S An, M Zhu, K Gu, M Jiang, Q Shen, B Fu, C Song, P Tao, T Deng, W Shang
– Nanoscale
Butterfly Wing Inspired High Performance Infrared Detection with Spectral Selectivity
Q Shen, S Ma, Z Luo, S An, J He, R Zhang, P Tao, C Song, J Wu, RA Potyrailo, T Deng, W Shang
– Advanced Optical Materials
Self-powered infrared detection using a graphene oxide film
Z Wang, Q Shen, J Zhang, M Jiang, W Chen, P Tao, C Song, B Fu, T Deng, W Shang
– Journal of Materials Chemistry A
Vapor detection through dynamic process of molecule desorption from butterfly wings
Z Luo, Z Weng, Q Shen, S An, J He, B Fu, R Zhang, P Tao, C Song, J Wu, T Deng, W Shang
– Pure and Applied Chemistry
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