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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


Senior Research Associate

Leila is a laser physicist and electronic engineer by education who has developed an intense passion for Microscopy in her career path. She has defended her thesis in the field of Cell Biology and Cytoskeletal proteins at the University of Amsterdam. She has used Super Resolution microscopy as her major instrument during her PhD and post Doc studies to study from spacial organization of DNA to Muscle cell physiology. Designing and developing image processing tools have been part of her life as a microscopist. Currently, she is research Associate at the Lee Lab, where scientists try to demystify Parkinson disease by cutting edge knowledge and newly emerging microscopy methods. She is writer and poet in her free times and loves Ski, classic dance and Ice-skatig.



Multicolor Localization-Based Super Resolution Microscopy.
L Nahidiazar, R Harkes
Hemidesmosomes modulate force generation via focal adhesions
W Wang, A Zuidema, L Te Molder, L Nahidiazar, L Hoekman, T Schmidt, S Coppola, A Sonnenberg
– Journal of Cell Biology
Modular actin nano-architecture enables podosome protrusion and mechanosensing.
K van den Dries, L Nahidiazar, JA Slotman, MBM Meddens, E Pandzic, B Joosten, M Ansems, J Schouwstra, A Meijer, R Steen, M Wijers, J Fransen, AB Houtsmuller, PW Wiseman, K Jalink, A Cambi
– Nat Commun
Mechanisms of integrin αVβ5 clustering in flat clathrin lattices.
A Zuidema, W Wang, M Kreft, L Te Molder, L Hoekman, OB Bleijerveld, L Nahidiazar, H Janssen, A Sonnenberg
– Journal of cell science
Profilin binding couples chloride intracellular channel protein CLIC4 to RhoA–mDia2 signaling and filopodium formation
E Argenzio, J Klarenbeek, KM Kedziora, L Nahidiazar, T Isogai, A Perrakis, K Jalink, WH Moolenaar, M Innocenti
– Journal of Biological Chemistry
Configurations of the Re-scan Confocal Microscope (RCM) for biomedical applications.
GMR DE Luca, E Desclos, RMP Breedijk, L Dolz-Edo, GJ Smits, L Nahidiazar, P Bielefeld, L Picavet, CP Fitzsimons, R Hoebe, EMM Manders
– J Microsc
Optimizing Imaging Conditions for Demanding Multi-Color Super Resolution Localization Microscopy
L Nahidiazar, AV Agronskaia, J Broertjes, B van den Broek, K Jalink
– PLoS One
Cholesterol and ORP1L-mediated ER contact sites control autophagosome transport and fusion with the endocytic pathway
RH Wijdeven, H Janssen, L Nahidiazar, L Janssen, K Jalink, I Berlin, J Neefjes
– Nature Communications
Genome-wide Maps of Nuclear Lamina Interactions in Single Human Cells
J Kind, L Pagie, SS de Vries, L Nahidiazar, SS Dey, M Bienko, Y Zhan, B Lajoie, CA de Graaf, M Amendola, G Fudenberg, M Imakaev, LA Mirny, K Jalink, J Dekker, A van Oudenaarden, B van Steensel
– Cell
Co-Orientation: Quantifying Simultaneous Co-Localization and Orientational Alignment of Filaments in Light Microscopy
RPJ Nieuwenhuizen, L Nahidiazar, EMM Manders, K Jalink, S Stallinga, B Rieger
– PLoS One
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