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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry



A novel small-molecule near-infrared II fluorescence probe for orthotopic osteosarcoma imaging
J Lin, Q Li, X Zeng, Z Chen, Q Ding, Y Li, H Zhou, X Meng, D Chen, Z Deng, X Hong, Y Xiao
– Science China Chemistry
Quaternary Ammonium Salt Based NIR-II Probes for in vivo Imaging.
C Qu, Y Xiao, H Zhou, B Ding, A Li, J Lin, X Zeng, H Chen, K Qian, X Zhang, W Fang, J Wu, Z Deng, Z Cheng, X Hong
– Advanced Optical Materials
Novel near-infrared II aggregation-induced emission dots for in vivo bioimaging.
J Lin, X Zeng, Y Xiao, L Tang, J Nong, Y Liu, H Zhou, B Ding, F Xu, H Tong, Z Deng, X Hong
– Chem Sci
Pyrazolo[1,5-a]pyrimidine TRPC6 antagonists for the treatment of gastric cancer.
M Ding, H Wang, C Qu, F Xu, Y Zhu, G Lv, Y Lu, Q Zhou, H Zhou, X Zeng, J Zhang, C Yan, J Lin, H-R Luo, Z Deng, Y Xiao, J Tian, MX Zhu, X Hong
– Cancer Lett
Near‐Infrared II Dye‐Protein Complex for Biomedical Imaging and Imaging‐Guided Photothermal Therapy
X Zeng, Y Xiao, J Lin, S Li, H Zhou, J Nong, G Xu, H Wang, F Xu, J Wu, Z Deng, X Hong
– Advanced healthcare materials

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