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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


Herchel Smith Research Fellow


Surface patches induce nonspecific binding and phase separation of antibodies
H Ausserwöger, G Krainer, TJ Welsh, N Thorsteinson, E de Csilléry, T Sneideris, MM Schneider, T Egebjerg, G Invernizzi, TW Herling, N Lorenzen, TPJ Knowles
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
Reliability and accuracy of single-molecule FRET studies for characterization of structural dynamics and distances in proteins.
G Agam, C Gebhardt, M Popara, R Mächtel, J Folz, B Ambrose, N Chamachi, SY Chung, TD Craggs, M de Boer, D Grohmann, T Ha, A Hartmann, J Hendrix, V Hirschfeld, CG Hübner, T Hugel, D Kammerer, H-S Kang, AN Kapanidis, G Krainer, K Kramm, EA Lemke, E Lerner, E Margeat, K Martens, J Michaelis, J Mitra, GG Moya Muñoz, RB Quast, NC Robb, M Sattler, M Schlierf, J Schneider, T Schröder, A Sefer, PS Tan, J Thurn, P Tinnefeld, J van Noort, S Weiss, N Wendler, N Zijlstra, A Barth, CAM Seidel, DC Lamb, T Cordes
– Nat Methods
α-synuclein oligomers displace monomeric α-synuclein from lipid membranes
G Šneiderienė, M Czekalska, C Xu, A Jayaram, G Krainer, W Arter, Q Peter, M Castellana-Cruz, K Saar, A Levin, T Mueller, S Fiedler, S Devenish, H Fiegler, J Kumita, T Knowles
Modulating Nucleic Acid Phase Transitions as a Mechanism of Action for Cell-Penetrating Antimicrobial Peptides
T Sneideris, N Erkamp, H Ausserwöger, K Saar, T Welsh, D Qian, M Johncock, G Krainer, A Borodavka, T Knowles
Farewell to single-well: An automated single-molecule FRET platform for high-content, multiwell plate screening of biomolecular conformations and dynamics
A Hartmann, K Sreenivasa, M Schenkel, N Chamachi, P Schake, G Krainer, M Schlierf
Single-Molecule Sizing through Nanocavity Confinement.
RPB Jacquat, G Krainer, QAE Peter, AN Babar, O Vanderpoorten, CK Xu, TJ Welsh, CF Kaminski, UF Keyser, JJ Baumberg, TPJ Knowles
– Nano Letters
Direct digital sensing of protein biomarkers in solution
G Krainer, KL Saar, WE Arter, TJ Welsh, MA Czekalska, RPB Jacquat, Q Peter, WC Traberg, A Pujari, AK Jayaram, P Challa, CG Taylor, L-M van der Linden, T Franzmann, RM Owens, S Alberti, D Klenerman, TPJ Knowles
– Nature Communications
Tie-Line Analysis Reveals Interactions Driving Heteromolecular Condensate Formation
D Qian, T Welsh, N Erkamp, S Qamar, J Nixon-Abell, G Krainer, P St George-Hyslop, T Michaels, T Knowles
– Physical Review X
Biomolecular condensate phase diagrams with a combinatorial microdroplet platform.
WE Arter, R Qi, NA Erkamp, G Krainer, K Didi, TJ Welsh, J Acker, J Nixon-Abell, S Qamar, J Guillén-Boixet, TM Franzmann, D Kuster, AA Hyman, A Borodavka, PS George-Hyslop, S Alberti, TPJ Knowles
– Nat Commun
Phase-separating RNA-binding proteins form heterogeneous distributions of clusters in subsaturated solutions
M Kar, F Dar, TJ Welsh, LT Vogel, R Kühnemuth, A Majumdar, G Krainer, TM Franzmann, S Alberti, CAM Seidel, TPJ Knowles, AA Hyman, RV Pappu
– Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
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