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CFTR transmembrane segments are impaired in their conformational adaptability by a pathogenic loop mutation and dynamically stabilized by Lumacaftor
G Krainer, M Schenkel, A Hartmann, D Ravamehr-Lake, CM Deber, M Schlierf
– J Biol Chem
Towards next generation therapies for cystic fibrosis: Folding, function and pharmacology of CFTR.
SJ Bose, G Krainer, DRS Ng, M Schenkel, H Shishido, JS Yoon, PM Haggie, M Schlierf, DN Sheppard, WR Skach
– J Cyst Fibros
19 Suppl 1,
Structural dynamics of membrane-protein folding from single-molecule FRET
G Krainer, S Keller, M Schlierf
– Current Opinion in Structural Biology
Enhancing the stability of DNA origami nanostructures: staple strand redesign versus enzymatic ligation.
S Ramakrishnan, L Schärfen, K Hunold, S Fricke, G Grundmeier, M Schlierf, A Keller, G Krainer
– Nanoscale
Repeatability, precision, and accuracy of the enthalpies and Gibbs energies of a protein–ligand binding reaction measured by isothermal titration calorimetry
V Paketurytė, V Linkuvienė, G Krainer, W-Y Chen, D Matulis
– European Biophysics Journal
ATPase and Protease Domain Movements in the Bacterial AAA+ Protease FtsH Are Driven by Thermal Fluctuations.
M Ruer, G Krainer, P Gröger, M Schlierf
– Journal of molecular biology
Conformational Dynamics Govern the Free-Energy Landscape of a Membrane-Interacting Protein.
E Frotscher, G Krainer, A Hartmann, M Schlierf, S Keller
– ACS omega
Precision and accuracy of single-molecule FRET measurements-a multi-laboratory benchmark study.
B Hellenkamp, S Schmid, O Doroshenko, O Opanasyuk, R Kühnemuth, S Rezaei Adariani, B Ambrose, M Aznauryan, A Barth, V Birkedal, ME Bowen, H Chen, T Cordes, T Eilert, C Fijen, C Gebhardt, M Götz, G Gouridis, E Gratton, T Ha, P Hao, CA Hanke, A Hartmann, J Hendrix, LL Hildebrandt, V Hirschfeld, J Hohlbein, B Hua, CG Hübner, E Kallis, AN Kapanidis, J-Y Kim, G Krainer, DC Lamb, NK Lee, EA Lemke, B Levesque, M Levitus, JJ McCann, N Naredi-Rainer, D Nettels, T Ngo, R Qiu, NC Robb, C Röcker, H Sanabria, M Schlierf, T Schröder, B Schuler, H Seidel, L Streit, J Thurn, P Tinnefeld, S Tyagi, N Vandenberk, AM Vera, KR Weninger, B Wünsch, IS Yanez-Orozco, J Michaelis, CAM Seidel, TD Craggs, T Hugel
– Nature Methods
Dissecting Nanosecond Dynamics in Membrane Proteins with Dipolar Relaxation upon Tryptophan Photoexcitation.
E Frotscher, G Krainer, M Schlierf, S Keller
– The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
In situ temperature monitoring in single-molecule FRET experiments
A Hartmann, F Berndt, S Ollmann, G Krainer, M Schlierf
– The Journal of chemical physics
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