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Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry


Research Associate

My current research focuses on improving the representation of global marine sulfur cycle in climate models, utilising the  UK Chemistry and Aerosol model (UKCA) and the UK Earth System Model (UKESM). Before joining Cambridge, I have more than four years’ experience in global and regional atmospheric modelling using the EMEP atmospheric chemistry and transport model driven by WRF or ECMWF meteorology. 

To date, I have published seven papers in high-IF journals. These include four first-author publications from my PhD research in Edinburgh and my work at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (i.e. Norwegian Met Office); and three co-authored publications stemming from my MPhil and other postdoctoral research. For detailed information, please refer to my Publication page.


Evaluation of modelled versus observed NMVOC compounds at EMEP sites in Europe
Y Ge, S Solberg, M Heal, S Reimann, W van Caspel, B Hellack, T Salameh, D Simpson
Implementation and evaluation of updated photolysis rates in the EMEP MSC-W chemistry-transport model using Cloud-J v7.3e
WE Van Caspel, D Simpson, JE Jonson, AMK Benedictow, Y Ge, A Di Sarra, G Pace, M Vieno, HL Walker, MR Heal
– Geoscientific Model Development
Global sensitivities of reactive N and S gas and particle concentrations and deposition to precursor emissions reductions
Y Ge, M Vieno, DS Stevenson, P Wind, MR Heal
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
A new assessment of global and regional budgets, fluxes, and lifetimes of atmospheric reactive N and S gases and aerosols
Y Ge, M Vieno, DS Stevenson, P Wind, MR Heal
– Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Evaluation of global EMEP MSC-W (rv4.34) WRF (v3.9.1.1) model surface concentrations and wet deposition of reactive N and S with measurements
Y Ge, MR Heal, DS Stevenson, P Wind, M Vieno
– Geoscientific Model Development
Simultaneous Determination of Aerosol Inorganic and Organic Nitrogen by Thermal Evolution and Chemiluminescence Detection.
X Yu, Q Li, Y Ge, Y Li, K Liao, XH Huang, J Li, JZ Yu
– Environmental Science & Technology
Inorganic Sulfur Species Formed upon Heterogeneous OH Oxidation of Organosulfates: A Case Study of Methyl Sulfate
R Xu, Y Ge, KC Kwong, HY Poon, KR Wilson, JZ Yu, MN Chan
– ACS Earth and Space Chemistry

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